In a world where information security and protection are progressively vital, individuals are getting more and more doubtful about third-party applications. In any case, as innovation is created, modern openings emerge, and Telegram clients become more appealing. Nowadays, they are completely secure to use. The developers of the official app are fighting the apps which can cause any harm. They support useful and efficient Telegram clients and insist on deleting the damaging ones. So, you can be assured that your records are safe. The best thing is that Telegram clients have a great number of features that are unavailable in the original version of the app. One of the examples here is Nicegram, where you can discover and try out some unique features that make communication more user-friendly and effective. In this article, you will also find the 5 Best Telegram Client Apps for Android worth trying. 


Nicegram can significantly enhance your experience as a user. This messenger can provide you with a great number of opportunities. 

·      You don’t have to worry about the account limit. The client will allow you to create an unlimited number of them so that you can efficiently manage your professional and personal lives. 

·      The list of unique channels exclusive to Nicegram you can find if you scroll through hub Telegram groups. There you will be able to get access to free content you won’t find anywhere else. 

·      The service is based on artificial intelligence, which is especially useful if you want to improve the way you communicate with other people. Nicegram will provide you with a virtual assistant who can cope with complicated tasks and even create unique photos and videos. Optimize messaging with quick responses, built-in translator, instant forwarding of saved messages, folders, and hidden reactions.

·      You can also control your online presence with innovative features of double bottom, anonymous redirection, as well as displaying registration date and ID. Nicegram provides all the necessary tools to shape your digital identity.

iMe Messenger

For all the crypto fans, iMe Messenger is a perfect solution. 

· Even though the app contains all the features alternative Telegram clients usually have to offer, iMe Messenger contains an actual crypto wallet. All the operations and features are also available on the app. You can buy and exchange cryptocurrency right there. 

·      The client will also allow you to create multiple accounts, pin an unlimited number of chats, and hide your activity status. 

·      iMe Messenger has an online translator you can use while communicating with your foreign friends.

Plus Messenger

Plus messenger is renowned for its safety and security, which is guaranteed by the developers of the official client. 

·      One of the perks of this client is that the official developers use it to test some features they want to implement into the official client. This means that the users of Plus Messenger will be the first to learn about the most innovative functions. 

·      Plus messenger will allow you to customize the interface according to your preferences. The app includes more design features. The user can change the font, choose one of a dozen styles of bubbles in the chat, change colors, gradients, and more.

·      This client has some unique pictures, GIFs, and stickers, which are only available there. This is a perfect opportunity to surprise your friends and develop your messaging style.


Vidogram is famous for its features that can make your Telegram experience more user-friendly. 

·      Vidogram allows you to form a single news feed based on content from channels to which the user subscribes so that they are convenient to view in a chronological form on one screen.

·      In addition, the app has a built-in IPTV that works just fine. You can watch entertainment channels, sports, and more. 

·      Here you can create a playlist of your favorite music, and then listen to it directly in the app. It is very convenient for those who have not yet tried streaming services like Spotify or SoundCloud.

·      Vidogram allows its users to play games directly on the app. You can even collaborate with your contacts to play together simultaneously. 

·      The client has unique themes you can’t find on the original app. This is a nice opportunity to make your everyday experience more colorful, funky, and satisfying. 


If the security of the messenger is your priority, you should take a closer look at BGram. This app is available for Android and its developers have been focusing on users’ safety. Telegram is considered to be one of the safest apps on the market. However, BGram is on a different level.

·      It has a password or fingerprint protection feature, a built-in proxy server, and Tor support for anonymous connections.

·      You can edit a message before sending it, add a bookmark to a particular content, or create a link to a message.

·      The interface is straightforward and user-friendly. BGram is perfect for those users who don’t want or need too many additional features. It is similar to the original version of the app. 

·      BGram allows its users to translate messages into many languages during communication. Perfect solution for those who like the original interface and features, but want a bit more features.

Nowadays, it is hard to find a person with a smartphone who does not use Telegram Messenger. It is convenient, and versatile and allows you to keep in touch with people worldwide for free. But most of them use a standard application, which, of course, copes with the task, but loses to third-party programs in terms of a set of features and capabilities. Telegram clients can give you access to advanced features, which makes them worth trying. 

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